The world economy is in a process of continuous change. Globalization has allowed the expansion of many companies and the development of many countries. A clear example has been China, which in the last 30 years has understood perfectly the opportunities offered by an increasingly open and more globalized market. Now it is the turn of Vietnam, a country with a huge future ahead of it. Understanding the new global market and taking advantage of all the opportunities it offers is essential for the successful expansion of Vietnamese companies around the world. Many Vietnamese companies, especially those with production capacity, have a global market of millions of potential clients all over the world. We know that for many of these companies it is not easy to expand outside the borders of Vietnam, markets such as the European or the United States are real opportunities to exploit and commercialize, but it is not an easy task, since the mentality of the local consumer, the legislation and Marketing strategies are very different from the Vietnamese market and the Asian market in general.

¿What is Vietnam Rockets?

Vietnam Rockets is a platform that helps Vietnamese companies in their expansion in Europe. We carry out a personalized study to find out the opportunities that your company or brand may have in the European market and we design a marketing and expansion plan. Our headquarters are located in Spain and we have years of experience advising and launching companies locally in Spain and Europe. Internationalizing a company is only available to those companies that have a lot of financial capacity. With Vietnam Rocket, you can internationalize your products and services with very low costs, almost without risk. We help you develop the entire business strategy.